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Experienced Contractors

Precision in everything we do

If you are unhappy with your current arrangements then Precision may be what you are looking for. We go that extra mile to ensure your administration is running smoothly. We liaise with your agency for funds relating to your contract and handle all taxes and insurance cover you need to contract.

We give you a dedicated point of contact for all your enquiries so that you don’t have to speak with somebody new every time you call us with a question or ask for help. When we make payment into your bank account we will notify you via an SMS direct to your mobile phone.

By making sure everything is working at the business end you can focus on what you do best, and leave the rest to us.


Why use Precision?


One payroll regardless of the number of agencies you use


Your taxes calculated and paid to HMRC


Continuous employment offering statutory employment benefits and credit references

Quick & Easy Payment

A SMS message notification every time you are paid


Your insurances covered in the fee you pay


Only pay a fee when you are billing through Precision. No hidden fees or set up costs.

Working in the Public Sector?

Precision is for you. We will ensure you remain compliant with Off Payroll restrictions whilst working in the Public Sector

It’s quick and easy to join, register today

Our friendly team are on hand to guide your choices and answer any questions you have

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