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Peace of Mind
for all your
contracting needs

Precision is a contractor company that provides

payroll and business related support services

to individuals working on temporary contract.

As part of the flexible workforce, you need to have solid back-up that supports you with getting paid on time, paying correct taxes and being insured whilst working at your end client’s site. Precision can take care of all of this and offers a gold standard service when it comes to the business end of your contracting.

Why use Precision?


One payroll regardless of the number of agencies you use


Your taxes calculated and paid to HMRC


Continuous employment offering statutory employment benefits and credit references

Quick & Easy Payment

A SMS message notification every time you are paid


Your insurances covered in the fee you pay


Only pay a fee when you are billing through Precision. No hidden fees or set up costs.

Working in the Public Sector?

Precision is for you. We will ensure you remain compliant with Off Payroll restrictions whilst working in the Public Sector

It’s quick and easy to join, register today

Our friendly team are on hand to guide your choices and answer any questions you have

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